Hey guys, as you can tell, this blog isn’t really active anymore. There’s only one giffer here, and I’m quite busy, so we need more!

There’s no deadline as to when to apply, but if you could apply soon, that’d be great~


Give us the details below and put them in the submit box! :D

  • Name, Age, Country
  • How long do you spend on the internet?
  • Are you able to recognise idols easily in MVs? (it’s completely fine if you can’t!)
  • Do you watch many dramas/know many actors?
  • Who are your biases/bias groups?
  • What is your basic knowledge of photoshop/the place you gif from?
  • Do you mind working with someone else in terms of giffing and negotiating on what to gif?
  • Link us to your gifs.
  • Anything else you’d like to add in?

if you have any questions, you can ask both me (m0mchi) or Bini (oreki-san)!

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